Skiing and Snowboarding Holidays in Australia

Are you thinking of going on a cheap skiing holiday to somewhere in Australia? Throughout the lower states of Australia, including Victoria and New South Wales, in winter there is an abundance of places to ski or snowboard.

If you are a novice when it comes to skiing and snowboarding, you can still have fun and learn the basics. Remember to book your ski insurance so if you are injured while you are learning you’ll be covered.

Ski equipment such as goggles, jacket, pants, skis or board are usually available to be hired from the ski company you are using or from the ski resort you book into. The resorts in the ski fields of Australia are magnificently placed with the breathtaking views of the snow covered fields below that you will learn to ski on.

Whether you want to head to Mount Buller in Victoria or Mount Thredbo in New South Wales you will find any ski accommodation to suit your needs. Most of the ski resorts in Australia are in the higher range of star ratings usually around 4 or 5 stars, however, if you are on an extremely strict budget there are a skiing hotels that run in the cheaper budget that are a small drive from the mountains and aren’t as highly rated at the large resorts that sit on the actual mountain side.

The beginner skier will find resort staff accommodating and helpful towards their every need. There is a range of slopes for varying skill level – beginners start on the smallest hill and can progress to the tougher slopes as they gain confidence. The more experienced skiers will discover different types of skiing such as; heliskiing, natural downhill skiing, extreme skiing or freestyle skiing.

In Australia heliskiing is natural downhill skiing where you cannot access the mountain from a ski lift and need to be taken up by helicopter. Downhill skiing is a part of alpine skiing which also includes snowboarding. Alpine skiing evolved from cross-country skiing.

Some ski resorts include meals in the price of staying at the resort while others may seem cheaper for accommodation and charge a separate cost for catering. If staying in the resort to eat is not what you want to do then there are many places within a 20 minute drive from most of the resorts.

For your skiing trip to be fun and without too much worry, make sure you book your resort accommodation, day trips and skiing gear online now so you don’t miss out on the time of your life.