Melbourne Crime Tours

What a great tour this turned out to be, money and time well spent. Melbourne Crime Tours is a Melbourne day tour with a difference, four hours of fun visiting the sites where and hearing the stories associated with some of the city’s more infamous incidents of the past.

One of the longest trials in Victoria’s history resulted from an incident in July 2002 at the Salt Nightclub in South Yarra. Your tour guide will vividly describe the consequences of a brawl that started on the dance floor, ending with a murder by Samurai Sword and two drownings.

Travelling by airconditioned tour bus, as you progress through the streets of Melbourne, your tour guide will point out other sites not famous for their criminal connections, as you go. As you pass through the City centre you will travel through Queen Street, where a massacre took place in December 1987 at the Australia Post Office. At approximately 4pm, Frank Vitkovic entered the building holding a brown paper bag and carrying a sawn-off M1 carbine. What followed will be described to you on your Melbourne Crime Tour by your tour guide.

Another episode in Melbourne Crime History took place in 2002, which is now referred to as The Society Murders. Drugged by their son, at a dinner party, the bodies of a husband and wife were found in a burial site in bushland at Marysville in Victoria. Learn from your Melbourne Crime Tours guide why this incident earned its name.

There are more stories of intrigue and infamy on your Melbourne Crime Tour, this is just a taster. To conclude your four hour day tour, you are taken to the Melbourne City Watch House which was in operation between 1913 and 1994. If you are willing, you can be “arrested” by a Charge Sergeant and processed through the lock up. Join the ranks of the likes of Ned Kelly and many others, who were held in the Watch House before going to trial and their final fates.

The Melbourne City Watch House is situated next to the Old Melbourne Gaol, entry to this interesting museum is not included in the price or your day tour, however discounts are available if you are part of a Melbourne Crimes Tour. An interesting place and well worth a visit.

Melbourne Crime Tours offers a door-to-door pick up service and is definitely a tour that should be on your to do list while visiting Melbourne.