Cruise Ship Travel Deals

How to get a cheap cruise ship travel deal! Read our guide on how to get the best cruise ship package deal. Special package deals are out there but they do require some special knowledge on how to find them. Some cruise ship companies dont make it easy for for you to get a cheap cruise holiday.

Step 1 – Destination

The first step in securing your cheap cruise holiday is to pick a destination. This is probably going to be the hardest part of the process. There are so many great destinations and different tour options available now that choosing just one is really going to be a challenge. You might find it easier to narrow the destinations down by looking at the time of year you are going to be travelling, and then the weather and season in each of the destinations available. If you are like most people, you are going to want a nice balmy, tropical, warm holiday – not to visit in the monsoon or wet season!

Step 2 – Budget

Before you even do a Google search for cruise ship holidays, set your budget. Be realistic and dont overextend yourself. You might have a great holiday but do you really want to be paying off your credit card for the next two years for that one holiday? Set your budget limit and absolutely stick to it. If you only have a limited budget, you will still find a good deal – you might just have to hunt around a bit harder for one.

Step 3 – Pick Your Dates

Set a time of the year that you are going to travel. There are certain periods in the year where cruises become more expensive – school holidays for example. If you can avoid travelling during school holidays or other popular months of the year, you can often save yourself alot of money. Either plan as early in advance as you can to take advantage of early-bird deals or be very flexible and book a last minute cruise deal. If you end up somewhere in the middle, you could be paying a premium.

Step 4 – Cruise Line

Narrow down which particular cruise line you want travel on. Some cruise lines have their particular specialties. Some are more family oriented while others will cater to singles, seniors or gay couples. Being aware of these specialties will enhance your cruise experience.

Step 5 – Search Online

Some of the best cruise package deals are available online only. These can be sold either directly through the cruise line or through third parties who have put together comprehensive travel package deals which can include flights from your home city to the departure port. If you dont live in a city with a departure point this can often be a huge saving. With the above tips, you will be armed to hunt around and find the best and cheapest cruise package deal available. So what are you waiting for ? Go and get busy planning your next cruise holiday!