An Australian vacation… how about whale watching in Hervey Bay?

Do you ever think of what it would be like to travel to the beautiful land of Australia? Do you ever long to visit the land down under and see all of the wonderful sites that it offers you? Have you looked at different travel packages for Australia? Well you should just make the decision and do it. Get all the things that you need to do and go on a vacation to Australia on your very next vacation.

There are so many wonderful things to do and to see in Australia while you are on vacation. It may be hard to fit them all in on your vacation and you may need to plan a couple of vacations to Australia just to see the land properly. If you are in Australia and you have always wanted to go whale watching then you can not miss out on the wonderful spectacle that the great humpback whale provides every year. Hervey Bay, Australia is one of the best places in the world to see this event so while you are in Australia you should try and see some of it.

First let us take a look at the humpback whale. For those of you that do not really know too much about the great animal they are known as rorquals. This is a group of whales that include several different types of whales. The Blue whale, the Fin whale, Sei whale, minke whale, and Byrde’s whale are all types of whales that belong to the rorrqual group of whales. Now the humpback whale takes a journey each year from the antartic waters to the much warmer waters of the tropics during the winter months. They do this because they are going to begin the calving process.

Hervey Bay is the perfect place for whale watching because the whales not only swim past there but they also actually come into the bay itself and this allows many people to see them up close and personal. Sometimes the whales even treat the onlookers to a display of jumps and tricks. The humpbacks start to arrive in Hervey Bay around late July. This continues until about November when they start to go back home to the waters around the Antarctic. These majestic creatures have made Hervey Bay a regular stop while on the annual trip between the warm tropical waters and their frigid home waters.

By visiting Hervey Bay during these months you can book a whale watching tour and make your visit to Australia one of the best trips ever. Not everyone in the world can say that they have seen a mother humpback and her baby calf swim right next to their boat. They can not even say that they have ever experienced such awe inspiring moments. If you are in Australia around July to November you must remember to stop by Hervey Bay so you can experience some of the greatest moments of your life.

When you are planning your Australian vacation you need to make sure that you put whale watching at Hervey Bay as one of your stops. By searching some web sites you can easily book passage on one of the many whale watching tours that are offered throughout those months. Since you are already on your vacation and in the area you should really take the time to check out the amazing creatures and watch as they migrate to and from different waters. Watching them in their natural habitat will maybe help you understand just a small bit of what makes this world great and maybe will allow you to appreciate all that you have in life. Whale watching in Hervey Bay may be a life changing experience for some people.

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