Hervey Bay Accommodation

You’ve planned your trip to the picturesque town of Hervey Bay and all you need is your accommodation. The whale watch capital of the world has many different styles of accommodation within different price ranges, from low cost backpackers to luxury hotels and resorts.

There are many varying backpackers packages available starting from a low cost, you can stay in a dorm room or for a little bit more you can have a room to yourself, the companies can even organise travel packages for you. You could travel to the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island, and stay for a day or up to a week. Many of these packages include the hire of a 4wd so you can enjoy the time you have on the island with the loved ones you are travelling with. Some of the backpacker hostels in Hervey Bay will even plan trips up to Lady Elliot Island for you.

If you are travelling to Hervey Bay by bus, plane or any other form of transport other than your own car and are not intending to hire any transport then many of the backpackers hostels have a courtesy bus service that will take you to and from the destination you wish to travel to for the day.

If you prefer to make your own travel arrangements but still want cheap Hervey Bay accommodation there are many caravan parks or budget holiday units along the Esplanade, of which runs the full length of the Hervey Bay beaches.

For a little more money there are motels, some of which are conveniently located very near or at the rear of pubs so you can enjoy all your meals without travelling very far from the comfort of the motel. Many of these motels are also along the Esplanade.

For those of you wanting luxury, there are the many three, four and five star resorts that line up along the Esplanade, most have magnificent views of the four islands off the coast of Hervey Bay; Little Woody Island, Big Woody Island, Round Island and Fraser Island. Of course these views come with a price, however, the views are definitely something to marvel at.

Most of the resorts have self catering facilities with fully equipped kitchens and for those that want to get away from all the everyday chores there are many restaurants that cater for all your breakfast, lunch and main meals.

So book your Hervey Bay Accommodation online today to ensure your choice of hotel, motel or resort accommodation is not booked out.